Jesse Medeles

Jesse Medeles is a singer-songwriter, actor, rapper and dancer from Laredo, TX. He has made a notable impression as a recording artist since he decided to dedicate his life to music. His musical style is influenced by all the different cultures he grew up around, including the Mexican culture.

Born in a very poor family, Jesse was a “regular” at the fields by the age of five, where, alongside his parents and siblings, would help harvest crops like cotton, fruits, vegetables, and hay in order to earn an honest living. By the time he was nine, he lived in an unstable environment that essentially left Jesse and his four siblings to fend for themselves. The workers at the fields became his extended family, and he witnessed many of them being taken away by border patrol agents. With the help of his grandmother, who stepped in as the adult/guardian figure, Jesse kept a path of honesty and hard work. At the age of 17, he went back to school and ultimately graduated from College, but music always played a big part in his life and he felt that entertaining people was his calling.

Writing and singing was his escape from all the pain; it was the only time that he could fantasize about making his dreams come true. Growing up in the streets, Jesse wrote about real life experiences and drew influences from Pop, Rap, Cumbia, Indian rhythms, and Tejano. In 2005, Jesse began recording with important Texas producers trying to find his sound and style. Soon, he was performing at events like the San Antonio’s Puerto Rican Festival, Laredo’s Jamboozi Festival, and Houston’s Autorama show, where he won the “Best Performer” award.

Jesse’s big break came when he moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2013 to pursue his dreams and began recording music as an independent artist with celebrity music producer “J2”; the man behind songs like Shakira’s FIFA World Cup song “La la la”. He recorded two tracks, “Viva” and “Sucia”, which he quickly got to perform throughout 2014 when he landed the opportunities to open for Ana Bárbara, Ivy Queen and Belanova on tour. These performances allowed Jesse to reach over 78K people and form a strong foundation for his more than 100K followers today.

Simultaneously to music, Jesse Medeles has began to establish himself as an actor, starring in recognizable films such as Snitch (2013), Alone Yet Not Alone (2014), One Heart (2015), Dirty Lies (2015), among others.

After the release of his second hit single "AMOR" and his media promotional tour with international media,  he is in the studio working on new music with renowned music producers such as Maffio, A&X, MadMusick, 2 Swift Productions & Alcover.  His third single is scheduled to release April 5, 2017 and is sure to be another hit for this young artist.



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